Labor all talk and no action on ex-racehorse cruelty

Media statement from LNP Shadow Minister for Racing John-Paul Langbroek:

“It is sad and devastating to see reports of Queensland’s second instance of abuse and neglect of ex- race horses in less than four months,” Mr Langbroek said.

“Labor can no longer deny that their own Queensland Racing Integrity Commission (QRIC) is failing at its core business: to ensure that animals are well cared for before, during and after racing.

“The $30 million taxpayer-funded QRIC on its own website has as many of its aims ‘to monitor and improve whole of life issues with racehorses’.

“Labor has vowed to do more in this area, but to this day, they haven’t.

“Under Labor, we’ve seen inquiry after inquiry, but there has been no improvement in animal welfare outcomes. Instead, Queenslanders are forced to endure ongoing reports about ex-racehorse neglect and abuse. This shows that Labor is all talk and no action when it comes to animal welfare.

“How can we expect improvements in animal welfare after Labor tasked QRIC to oversee the inquiry into its own failures?

“Less than half of the Greyhound Royal Commission recommendations to do with animal welfare from five years ago have been implemented. When questioned about QRIC’s performance after the Caboolture abattoir tragedy, the Minister shifted the blame to racehorse owners.

“It should be simple to apply the principles of the greyhound Royal Commission to racehorses, or at least follow the lead of NSW  Racing in this area. Labor can no longer dodge their responsibility to take swift action on cruelty against ex-racing animals.

“QRIC already supposedly has a core focus on welfare as one of its primary aims. It’s up to Labor to ensure that this $30 million strategy yields results and improves animal welfare standards in Queensland.”