Labor and Greens driven activism has no place in our schools

• Labor and Greens-driven brainwashing has no place in Queensland schools
• Teachers should focus on teaching instead of making political statements
• Annastacia Palaszczuk and Kate Jones need to put the interests of students first ahead of the interests of their union mates

Shadow Education Minister Tracy Davis says the union-beholden Palaszczuk Labor Government must rule out the politicisation of our schools.

Ms Davis said Annastacia Palaszczuk and Kate Jones needed to guarantee public confidence in our classrooms and move swiftly against any union-led campaign about off-shore detention.

“Schools are for learning and not for running political campaigns,” Ms Davis said.

“Brainwashing sessions have no place in our schools.

“The union has form for this sort of left-wing mischief.

“I wrote to the Director-General in July seeking a please explain after it was revealed teachers’ union representatives were handing out Gonski funding flyers.”

Ms Davis said Kate Jones needed to put aside her union allegiances and put an end to the politics in our classrooms.

“Our kids don’t need distractions like this, they need to be educated on the curriculum,” she said.

“Teachers who breach their code of conduct under the guise of “Harmony Day” should face disciplinary action.

“Parents across Queensland would be furious at the thought their kids were being used as political pawns in the teachers’ union-driven agenda.

“Given the latest Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) results, maybe there needs to be a stronger focus on the job at hand instead of trying to make a left-wing Labor and Greens-driven political statement.”

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