Labor destroys another 90 Queensland jobs

Thursday 16 October, 2020

A further 90 jobs are to be lost at Queensland’s New Hope resources company because of Annastacia Palaszczuk’s refusal to grant new approvals for New Acland stage 3, it was revealed today.

That means Labor’s decision to block the project has cost 300 jobs – with thousands more at risk across the Darling Downs and South-East.

The latest Labor jobs blow comes a day after the ABS confirmed that Queensland has the highest unemployment rate in the nation – with even locked-down Victoria having a lower jobless rate.

“Labor’s anti-business policies are the reason why Queensland has the highest unemployment rate in the nation – even higher than Victoria’s,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Queensland has the worst unemployment rate in the nation because we have the worst government in the nation.

“Queensland has lost more than 50,000 jobs since February and the job losses will continue under Labor because they have no economic plan and no Budget.

“The New Acland issue couldn’t be clearer and the stakes couldn’t be higher for its workers.

“If Annastacia Palaszczcuk supported resource jobs she would approve this project.

“But she won’t, because Labor doesn’t support the resources industry.

“Labor wants the resources industry to die a slow death and that’s exactly what is happening at New Acland.

“Only an LNP Government will get Queensland working again with our plan to build new roads, dams and bridges and create 150,000 new jobs.

“The LNP will set a 5% unemployment target for Queensland.

“I won’t sit back and watch Queenslanders lose their jobs.

“The LNP’s economic plan will get our state working again.”

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