Labor has no plan to get Queensland working

Wednesday, 12th August 2020

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has voted against the LNP’s plan to stimulate the economy, create a decade of secure jobs and drag Queensland out of recession.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington moved a motion in Parliament today calling on Labor to support the LNP’s plan to get Queensland working again, in the absence of the Palaszczuk Labor Government that has no budget and no plan.

“More Queenslanders are unemployed than ever before and Labor doesn’t have a plan to fix it,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Queensland urgently needs a plan for our economic recovery, especially when more than 200,000 people are out of work.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk didn’t have a plan before the Coronavrius pandemic and they don’t have one now.

“Prior to COVID, Queensland had the nation’s highest unemployment, most bankruptcies and lowest business confidence.

“Businesses are battling to survive and workers are desperate to keep their jobs.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has no budget and no plan.

“The foundations of the LNP’s plan for a stronger economy and secure jobs are investing for growth, unleashing Queensland industry, supercharging the regions and securing our children’s future.

“There is no bigger job-creator than the LNP’s plan to build the New Bradfield Scheme.

“This economic driver will be the largest water infrastructure project every built in Queensland and it will create thousands of jobs.

“Labor actually voted against a public sex offender register, helping parents protect their kids against serious sexual predators.

“Labor voted against 60 new police in Cairns and also Townsville while residents and business owners have been battling a crime wave.

“The LNP will spend more than a billion dollars on new road projects to bust congestion, we will build the second M1, fix the Bruce Highway and invest regional roads to create new jobs and ensure Queenslanders get home sooner and safer.

“If I were Premier I would back the resources industry to secure resource jobs, introduce retail competition in regional Queensland so locals can save $300 a year on their power bills and ensure there are no new taxes.

“The LNP has a plan to build dams, deliver water security and back farmers to grow the local food and fibre a growing state needs, with cheaper water costs.

“Only one party can provide the economic leadership that Queensland needs.

“Only the LNP has a vision for Queensland’s future.

“Our vision is to make Queensland Australia’s economic powerhouse again; the best place to get a job and get ahead and raise a family.

Motion – Labor voted against:

This house calls on the Palaszczuk Government to implement the ‘LNP Plan to Get Queensland Working’:

  1. No new or increased taxes to boost business confidence and create jobs;
  2. Build and own the visionary New Bradfield Scheme;
  3. Build a second M1 to get people home safer and sooner;
  4. Air-condition every state school classroom in Queensland because cool kids are smart kids;
  5. Break Ergon’s monopoly and introduce retail price competition for electricity into regional Queensland allowing regional Queenslanders access to the same deals as south east Queensland saving households around $300 a year; 
  6. Clear elective surgery wait-lists by partnering with the private sector so Queenslanders get the surgeries they need on time;
  7. Build dams. The first stage of our water security plan is to get shovel-ready the Nullinga dam, the Urannah Dam and raising the Burdekin Falls dam;
  8. Fix Paradise Dam instead of ripping down a dam in drought;
  9. Set up a Queensland Infrastructure Fund with royalties from the Galilee Basin;
  10. Stop Labor’s wasteful spending;  
  11. Introduce a public sex offender register to help parents protect their kids from serious sexual offenders;
  12. Reducing water prices for SunWater irrigators by almost 20 per cent per year from next year;
  13. Fast-tracking shovel ready projects across South-East Queensland through our $1 billion congestion busting program to stimulate the economy; and
  14. Appoint 60 new police in both Cairns and Townsville over the next four years to crackdown on crime.