Labor is hiding health data

131 DAYS

Labor is hiding health data and Queenslanders deserve the truth in the middle of the Health Crisis.

Queenslanders do not know what’s happened in our hospitals for the last 131 days because Labor has failed to release health data.

In the middle of the Queensland Health Crisis, Labor is trying keep Queenslanders in the dark about what is going on in their hospitals.

In February, Queenslanders are still waiting to see what was happening in hospitals as far back as October.

Shannon Fentiman must stop her shady scheme and release the latest health data today.

This Labor Government would rather cover-up their failures than fix the problem.

The longer Labor’s in power, the worse the Queensland Health Crisis becomes.

There must be government accountability through transparency and open data to heal the health crisis.

In contrast, the LNP has committed to making real-time data for our hospitals available within 100 days of election.

Our priorities to heal the Queensland Health Crisis include better resources, better triaging, sharing data in real-time and putting doctors and nurses back in charge to improve patient care.

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