Labor killing construction jobs in Toowoomba


New statistics reveal the hit to the Toowoomba economy under the do-nothing Labor Government, with a massive decline in building approvals in the last year.

The value of building approvals in the Toowoomba Regional Council area has fallen by $36.7million, contributing to unemployment issues in Toowoomba.

That $36.7 million represents less investment, less economic activity and ultimately fewer jobs for locals.

Over the year to March, the number of approvals has dropped by 7.4 per cent.

This is a real worry because building approvals are a leading indicator for the construction sector, one of the biggest employers in Toowoomba.

We’re missing out on projects because this Labor Government has failed to deliver confidence and get the investment settings right for our region.

This is just the latest independent information to show Toowoomba’s economy is stagnating under the Palaszczuk Government.

Worryingly Toowoomba’s youth unemployment rate has increased to 9.2% or in real terms 800 youth jobs lost in the last year.  I will continue to work to make sure young people in Toowoomba North get access to training and find a job.

Only the LNP has a plan to create jobs for locals in Toowoomba and build a better Queensland.

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