Labor rolls out the red carpet for crims, bikies and drug peddlers

• Annastacia Palaszczuk gives criminal gangs the green light to peddle drugs to Queensland kids
• Annastacia Palaszczuk gives bikies early Christmas present to start dealing in misery and despair
• Annastacia Palaszczuk struck a dirty deal to assume power irrespective of the harm it caused Queensland families

The Palaszczuk Labor Government has rolled out the red carpet to criminal gangs giving them the green light to peddle drugs to kids and to once again run riot on our streets.

Shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker said Annastacia Palaszczuk’s dirty deal to assume power was only ever about her own interests and never those of Queensland families.

“This is the same person that when in Opposition voted in favour for the LNP’s tough anti-bikie laws,” Mr Walker said.

“Bikies were banking on this soft-on-crime government to deliver them an early Christmas present and Annastacia Palaszczuk and her merry bunch have delivered for them.

“Bikie clubhouses will now reopen, bikies will be allowed to carry weapons and bikies will once again be free to run licensed premises.”

Mr Walker said thanks to the Palaszczuk Labor Government, bikies would be back peddling ICE to our kids, standing over business owners and shouting from the rooftops that they once again ruled the streets.

“The LNP’s tough stance on organised crime saw criminal motorcycle gangs driven out of Queensland,” he said.

“Thanks to Labor bikies are now free to ply their evil and life destroying trade.

“I wonder if Annastacia Palaszczuk will have the guts to face the families of Queensland kids who die from drugs supplied by bikies?”

Mr Walker said lawyers who represented bikies said their clients were “absolutely petrified” of the LNP’s tough laws.

“We were happy to see bikies flee the state because it meant that crime rates plummeted and Queenslanders were safer,” he said.

“Labor’s watered-down laws are a political solution to a problem that does not exist.

“The majority of Queenslanders support the LNP’s tough laws that were working to keep them safer.”