Labor’s energy failures costing Queenslanders this summer

Minister must release secret report into Callide power plant outages amid another energy failures

This summer Queenslanders are set to pay the price of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s failure to maintain power plants, with energy prices set to soar.

Today, Minister de Brenni must explain to Queenslanders how much more they’ll be paying for electricity this summer as a result of two key power plants remaining offline for more than two years.

Queenslanders are already paying the steepest rises in electricity costs, with CPI showing power prices have skyrocketed 25.4% in one year, and this is only set to get worse the longer these power plants remain offline in what is already predicted to be a hot summer.

Both the Auditor-General and the Queensland Competition Authority have exposed the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s failures with the Callide power plants are directly responsible for higher electricity costs. 

Queenslanders deserve a government that drives-down cost pressures on electricity, not a government that continues to add more pressure in the middle of a cost-of-living crisis. 

The best way to drive down electricity costs for Queenslanders is for our power plants to be operating and properly maintained.

That’s why the LNP has announced its Maintenance Guarantee for power plants. 

This summer, every time a Queenslander switches a light on or uses their air-conditioning this summer, they’ll be paying the price of Labor’s failures. 

The chaos and crisis of this Government is another big bill Queenslanders are left to pay. 

Today, Minister de Brenni must also release a critical report into the explosion at Callide C, which Queenslanders are waiting to see more than two years after it was commissioned. 

This report must be released in full so Queenslanders have the truth about what happened at Callide and to ensure the same mistakes aren’t repeated. 

Further delaying the release of this report shows the Labor Government is not focused on the issues that matter to Queenslanders.

Minister de Brenni tried to tell Queenslanders his failures wouldn’t hit Queenslanders in the hip pocket, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Queenslanders deserve better than the chaos and crisis they’re getting from this Labor Government. 

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