Labor’s failing grade on Education

The Queensland Education Department Annual Report is a failing grade on their report card for the Palaszczuk Labor Government on education.

The report lays bare how far behind Queensland students are falling and exposes a system in chaos and crisis under this Government.

Shockingly, not a single target for reading, writing and numeracy was met for years 3, 5, 7, and 9. 

Outcomes for Indigenous students across the State are even worse.

It’s clear Labor is losing control inside our schools with results outlined in the Annual Report painting an alarming picture.

Attendance rates have slumped to 87% in Primary Schools and 83% in High Schools.

Human Rights complaints more than doubled in one year, with 14 complaints upheld. 

Not only has every reported metric gone backwards, Labor is now trying to keep Queenslanders in the dark about the chaos and crisis of our education system on their watch.

Key measures have been removed from the Annual Report this year, including:

  • School attendance rates by Region
  • Student Attendance Rates comparison with State Schools and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students
  • Learning Days Lost Due to Suspensions
  • Retention Rates of students Years 10-12
  • Proportion of Young Queenslanders aged 15 to 24 years participating in full-time education and/or work
  • Parent Satisfaction

Labor is losing control of our education system, with teacher shortages, a broken student behavioural management framework, growing school maintenance issues and ballooning truancy, as well as dismal education results.

This is what happens when a government fails to properly resource and manage our education system year after year.

Queensland children are now paying the price for Labor’s chaos and crisis. 

Queensland students deserve a world class education system, not a shambolic approach that is seeing them fall behind other States.

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