Labor’s Huge Housing Hoax 10-word text message costs Queenslanders $2 million

Bombshell documents expose Labor Huge Housing Hoax chaos and crisis
Labor’s signature housing solution was last-minute announcement-on-the-run

New bombshell documents have exposed how a Palaszczuk Labor Government signature housing solution was nothing more than a last-minute media announcement in a saga that cost Queenslanders at least $2 million and delivered nothing but false hope.

Nearly 2000 pages of Right to Information documents have been released to the LNP and finally reveal the true story about Labor’s failed Griffith University housing announcement.

The LNP has released the documents to Queenslanders this morning which can be downloaded here

The extraordinary documents prove Labor’s failed plan to convert derelict accommodation at Griffith University into emergency housing was dreamt up overnight before being announced as official policy by the Premier at Labor’s so-called Housing Roundtable.  

The document reveals the plan came from a ten-word text message sent by a senior Labor Government official to Griffith University, “want to use Mt Gravatt student residences for crisis accom”. 

Labor was desperate to deliver a media announcement for the under-pressure Premier, rather than develop genuine solutions to fix the Queensland Housing Crisis.

Ultimately, the flawed media announcement was dumped by the Government seven months after it was first announced, and after at least $2 million of taxpayers’ money was spent.

The documents also reveal:

  • Griffith University was told the afternoon before the Housing Roundtable the Government wanted to suddenly use the accommodation, after previously being told the Government was only “lukewarm” on the idea.
  • Griffith University staff were shocked at the announcement and were concerned proper due diligence had not been completed.
  • Griffith University staff were warning of “very high” fire risks at the site just weeks after the announcement, but the state government waited months before announcing the plan was canned.
  • Only days before the project was scrapped, Griffith university staff were still under the impression that the project would proceed, telling colleagues that the project was simply waiting on “funding” from the Palaszczuk Government.

Shadow Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jarrod Bleijie said Queenslanders had paid a high price for Labor’s chaos and crisis.

“This is the definition of chaotic policy on the run, where a last-minute text message cost Queenslanders at least $2 million and didn’t deliver a single home,” Mr Bleijie said. 

“In the middle of the Queensland Housing Crisis, Labor was more focused on building an announcement for themselves than building a roof over the heads of Queenslanders.

“This is an affront to the 40,000 Queenslanders desperately waiting for social housing.

“Labor’s housing summit headline never stacked-up and it was always about announcing their way out of a media crisis, not delivering genuine solutions to the Queensland Housing Crisis.  

“Queenslanders deserve a government that makes decisions based on what’s best for our State, not what’s best for their political future.”

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