Labor’s Olympic-sized cover up exposed

This afternoon, the integrity of the Palaszczuk Labor Government lays in ruin.

I’m am deeply concerned by revelations from today’s Senate Committee hearing regarding the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s handling of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

This is an Olympic-sized cover up by a Labor Party in chaos and crisis hellbent on making the 2032 Games all about them.  

The extreme lengths the Labor Party has gone to in order to deny openness and transparency around the Games is deplorable and should disturb every Queenslander.

Having already made the decision to hoover up complete control of Games infrastructure into the office of Premier Palaszczuk, the Labor Party proceeded to spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayers’ dollars on a report to subsequently justify that decision.

Worse, the report that cost $44,000 a page was authored by former Labor Minister Rachel Nolan.

This report was never going to be independent, it was only ever designed to be a Labor charade for the Premier.

If that wasn’t enough, orchestrated steps were taken to ensure Ms Nolan’s involvement in the report was kept out of Right to Information documents.

This sorry saga strikes at the heart of the integrity issues Queenslanders are now seeing every day with this tired third-term Labor Government.

Is it any wonder we have seen the extraordinary and so far unexplained $1.7 billion blowout on the Gabba knock down?

The LNP remains steadfastly committed to establishing an Independent Infrastructure Delivery Authority for the 2032 Games because the Olympics and Paralympics belong to Queenslanders, not the Labor Party.

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