Labor’s S-Trad-broke Island Fail

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s economic transition strategy for North Stradbroke Island has stalled.

LNP Member for Oodgeroo Mark Robinson said Labor has only delivered broken promises for Straddie residents and visitors.

“The North Stradbroke Island transition strategy has completely failed,” Mr Robinson said.

“Labor promised 400 eco-tourism jobs but they didn’t deliver.

“Hundreds of resource sector jobs have been lost due to Labor’s haste to end mining to appease inner city Greens.

“23 projects were earmarked for a post sand-mining economy, but only two have been completed to date.

“No wonder Annastacia Palaszczuk has delivered the worst unemployment rate in the nation.

“The end of sand mining is fast approaching and there’s no plan, strategy or direction for Straddie

“To make matters worse, Labor slugs a new tax for motorists on Flinders and Main beach.

“No jobs, no projects and more tax, that’s Labor’s legacy for Straddie. “There needs to be a plan for all North Stradbroke Island people that includes infrastructure investment, like the redevelopment of the tourism gateway of Dunwich Harbour, not just a series of studies and small projects.

“The protests today aren’t a surprise because Labor’s strategy has caused division and angered indigenous elders, including Uncle Norm Enoch.

“There has been no consultation with the community.

“Labor can’t be trusted to create new jobs or boost tourism on Straddie.

“The Island is one of the most popular places in South East Queensland but Annastacia Palaszczuk has let it fend for itself.”

“Labor’s Trad transition for Straddie is hurting island resident so much that locals now refer to the island as Trad-broke Island.”

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