Land access information for landholders at Beef Australia 2012

Minister for Natural Resources and Mines
The Honourable Andrew Cripps

Land access information for landholders at Beef Australia 2012

Landholders are being encouraged to visit the Queensland Government pavilion at Beef Australia 2012 to access important information about their rights and responsibilities when it comes to land access by resource companies.

The Minister for Natural Resources and Mines Andrew Cripps, who is today attending Beef Australia 2012, said the land access laws were designed to achieve a balanced approach for resource companies to negotiate access to private land and compensation.

“While a company holding a tenure or authority is permitted to explore and produce resources from private land in the area of a tenure, they must also avoid unreasonable interference with the landholder’s activities and comply with the Land Access Code,” he said.

“The LNP government is committed to a regulatory environment that provides full and fair compensation for private landholders for each and every effect of resource company’s operations on their land.

“We will fully con sider the recent recommendations of the Land Access Review with a view to implementation by the Gasfields Land and Water Commission,” Mr Cripps said.

The issue of land access by resource companies can lead to uncertainty and angst for landholders, but Mr Cripps urges parties to engage in good faith at an early stage.

“It’s important that landholders negotiate the best possible deal for themselves, their families, and their business and developing a good working relationship from the outset is certainly the best way to achieve that outcome.

“Land access negotiations are much more than just about figuring out how much compensation is payable – they are about establishing a business partnership between the parties for the long term.

Mr Cripps said the Government provides a free, non-means tested legal service to landholders to assist in land access and compensation related matters.

Landholders can visit the Queensland Government Pavilion situated at site 158 near the demonstration ring at Beef 2012 to access this advice.

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