Launch starts new era for ICT in Queensland

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
The Honourable Ros Bates

Launch starts new era for ICT in Queensland

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts Ros Bates has welcomed the relaunch of Software Queensland as IT Queensland, which gives a stronger voice to all the state’s information and communication technology (ICT) companies.

“IT Queensland – in its former capacity as Software Queensland – has made a significant contribution to the ICT industry and I look forward to its ongoing input under a new banner with a broader focus,” Ms Bates said.

“Since 2005, it has been a representative on the ICT Industry Workgroup, providing extensive input from an industry point of view into a wide range of issues.

“I know IT Queensland is passionate about local ICT businesses and will be examining a host of ways to continue to invigorate the industry,” she said.

Ms Bates recognised collaboration with industry groups such as IT Queensland is vital for the government to improve services to Queenslanders.

“I have just concluded a series of roundtable sessions where I met with representatives from various industry associations and ICT companies to brief them on my priorities as Minister for Information Technology, and discuss how we can best work together,” she said.

“By successfully collaborating on major ICT projects, we can deliver real benefits to the community.”

Ms Bates highlighted the Queensland Government’s priority: getting the economy back on track.

“By using technology and innovation we can realise the full potential of our state,” she said.

With an eye to the future, Ms Bates was also conscious of the need to create an ongoing, accessible and capable ICT workforce.

“We know if government and industry present a united front, we will ensure the ICT profession has a successful brand and will attract the brightest graduates to the ICT industry,” she said.

“This is another area where IT Queensland has an important role and the government will continue towards effective collaboration across the ICT industry.”

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