LNP calls for bulk water price freeze to protect jobs

Monday, March 23, 2020

The LNP is calling on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to adopt its plan to freeze bulk water prices to support businesses and save jobs.

LNP Shadow Minister for Natural Resources Dale Last said households and businesses should not have to pay any increases in bulk water bills from Seqwater and SunWater during the declared public health emergency.

“Freezing the cost of bulk water is a practical step to help stop the coronavirus health crisis becoming a jobs crisis,” Mr Last said.

“The full extent of this pandemic is unknown, but we can give businesses certainty by reducing state fees and taxes to help.

“The LNP understands that water is an essential component of thousands of Queensland businesses and it accounts for a big part of their input costs.

“Water plays a vital role in ensuring supermarket shelves can be stocked with the food and products Queensland needs.”

Mr Last said the LNP attempted to move amendments in Parliament last week to get bulk water prices frozen as part of a raft of measures to support Queensland businesses and jobs.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government refused to allow these amendments to even be debated during this critically important time for Queensland,” Mr Last said.

“We need to ensure water remains affordable for Queensland businesses, including farmers who will have an increasingly vital job going forward.

“More money in the pockets of farmers and businesses means they have more money to keep local jobs.

“Now is the time for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to commit to freezing bulk water to ensure Queenslanders keep working and the economy keeps ticking.

“Labor must put politics aside and put Queensland jobs first.”