LNP calls for extended consultation period for Labor’s rental reforms

Renters and landlords have just over a week left to respond to major reforms to Queensland’s residential tenancy market.

LNP Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works Michael Hart called on Labor to extend the consultation process by a month.

“Labor’s consultation needs to be extended by a month at least to give people an opportunity to have their say,” Mr Hart said.

“We have grave concerns for the future of Queensland’s rental market if these reforms are rushed through.

“Hiding a consultation process during Christmas shows that Labor aren’t fair dinkum.

“Industry has said that the cost of these changes could drive annual rental costs up by as much as $5000 a year or $100 a week.

“Following an industry briefing this week, it’s clear that Labor Minister Mick de Brenni doesn’t understand the impact of his own changes.

“Labor also needs to come clean and say whether it will apply to public housing as well.

“Most Queenslanders would be horrified at that extra cost alone, particularly pensioners and those on fixed incomes who are already struggling to make ends meet.

“Labor’s proposed changes will also scare-off mum and dad property investors who are trying to save for their retirement.

“No one disputes that safety is important, but Labor’s proposed changes go way too far.

“With a third of Queenslanders living in rental properties, these changes deserve proper scrutiny and analysis.

“If the consultation period isn’t extended, then the whole process is a complete sham.”