LNP Calls for short and long term COVID help for Queensland Business

The LNP is again urging the state government for short and long term assistance packages for businesses impacted by the COVID lockdowns.
Opposition Leader and Shadow Tourism Minister David Crisafulli is urging the government to adopt a lockdown support package for businesses ahead of any further lockdowns, as well as short term stimulus measures for sectors hardest hit.
“We remain the only state without a dedicated package for small and family businesses,” Mr Crisafulli said.
“The ideas and the amounts vary, but at least other states are showing this vital sector they matter.
“In the short term, the adoption of a voucher system similar to the one in New South Wales has merit as it encourages the community to spend up to $100 at local businesses.
“The vouchers can be used at restaurants, cafes, bars or for recreation and entertainment.
“But what’s needed in the future is a clear understanding of the need for a safety net in the event of a future lockdown which includes:

    •    LUMP LOCKDOWN PAYMENTS: payments for small businesses to cover loss of income due to lockdowns

    •    DEEP CLEANING COVER: a rebate covering deep cleaning fees if a business is identified as a COVID-19 exposure venue

    •    EVENT CANCELLATION REBATES: covers financial losses if event is cancelled due to a lockdown

Mr Crisafulli said the vouchers program should be rolled out as early as tomorrow, while final details of the lockdown support package should be finalised this week.
“Once again the Premier and her senior leadership team didn’t mention small and family businesses in today’s COVID news conference,” Mr Crisafulli said.
“A vouchers program should be rolled out, while we wait for the State Government to adopt a genuine lockdown support package.
“What Queensland family businesses really need is an urgent shot in the arm to help cashflow now and a guarantee the State Government has their backs in the event of future lockdowns.”
Shadow Minister for Small Business Brent Mickelberg says family businesses are being abandoned by the State Government.
“Small businesses make up 42% of our economy and yet Queensland is the only state that doesn’t have a COVID business support package. That’s mindboggling, ” Mr Mickelberg said.
“During uncertain times, small business owners need confidence.”

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