LNP Media Statement on new cross-border medical unit

Monday 31 August, 2020

LNP Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates:

“The creation of a new unit and hotline to deal with cross-border medical emergencies and specialist treatment confirms that Labor has failed patients.

“Labor can spin it how they like, this unit is an admission that patient care has suffered because of the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s incompetence.

“For weeks, Labor have blamed everyone else for the suffering of patients whose care has been impacted by its decisions.

“Queenslanders have been shocked to see celebrities waved through the border while seriously ill patients have been forced to seek treatment elsewhere.

“I hope that seriously ill patients on both sides of the border can now get treatment without delay and at the nearest suitable hospital.

“I’m disappointed that Annastacia Palaszczuk has still not apologised for her comment that Queensland hospitals are for only for Queenslanders.

“The Premier’s comment lacked compassion and common sense and she should acknowledge that.

“Our enemy is the virus – not other Australians.”

State News

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