LNP plan to reduce surgery waiting lists

Monday, October 12, 2020

An LNP Government will invest $300 million in a surgery blitz to clear the backlog of Queenslanders stranded on Labor’s growing waiting list.

The plan to reduce waiting lists runs parallel with the LNP’s $1.3 billion investment to recruit nearly 4500 more nurses, doctors, paramedics and allied health workers.

The LNP’s $300 million will fast-track the surgeries of nearly 56,000 patients across Queensland through a partnership with the private sector to reduce waiting lists.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said her plan would ensure Queenslanders can get the surgery they need when they need it.

“The LNP will clear Labor’s backlog so Queenslanders can get healthy and get on with their lives,” Ms Frecklington said.

“The surgery waiting list has grown by almost 26,000 patients in just five years under Labor.

“Every day Queenslanders are waiting is another day of worry, pain or financial hardship from not working.

“People get sicker on the waiting list and often can become dependent on pain killers as well.

“Our plan will undo the damage Labor has done to the health system over the last five years.”

Ms Frecklington said hard-working nurses, doctors and paramedics needed more resources on the front line to clear waiting lists and improve patient care.

“The LNP cleared the dental long-wait list when we were in government by partnering with the private sector and we will do it again with the elective surgery waiting list,” she said.

“Under the LNP’s plan, we will partner with private hospitals to clear the surgery waiting list.

“There is no point having empty beds in private hospitals when Queenslanders are waiting for surgery.

“Unlike Labor, the LNP will focus on patient care and ensure they are seen within clinically recommended times. 

“Labor has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on multiple failed IT projects and tearing down a pioneering woman’s name from the children’s hospital.

“The LNP’s waiting list plan means more jobs and better health care.”

LNP Candidate for Hervey Bay Steve Coleman said local health services have gone backwards under Labor, with the waiting list for surgery at the Hervey Bay Hospital increasing by 51% since Annastacia Palaszczuk became Premier.

There are 1430 people waiting for surgery in Wide Bay while there are 658 waiting at Hervey Bay Hospital.

“The LNP will invest $10 million to reduce the surgery wait list here in the Wide Bay,” Mr Coleman said.

“There are two private hospitals here – the St Stephen’s Hospital and the Hervey Bay Surgical Hospital – and we will use those hospitals to clear the waiting list.

“There’s a huge retiree population in Hervey Bay so delivering world-class health services is vitally important.

“The people of Hervey Bay can’t trust Labor with our health services.

“The wait list at Hervey Bay wouldn’t have doubled if Labor could properly manage the health system. 

“Labor is not looking after patients – they are only looking after themselves.

“Our plan to build a stronger economy means more investment in health services and better patient care.”

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