LNP protects Toowoomba jobs, small businesses and customers

  • LNP protects Toowoomba jobs, small businesses and customers
  • Palaszczuk Government forced into embarrassing backflip on trading hours reform
  • Labor laws looked after the big retailers but treated small businesses as second-class citizens

The LNP has backed Toowoomba jobs and small businesses by forcing the Palaszczuk Government into an embarrassing backflip, with Labor having to make major amendments to proposed trading hour reforms.

Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts MP said Labor’s laws were poorly drafted and would have led to price hikes for Toowoomba shoppers, less job security and less opportunities for young people to get a job.

I have met with many concerned regional motor dealers and small business owners within my electorate who were fearful that their businesses would be destroyed under Labor’s initial Bill.  These businesses, whilst admitting that the current Bill is far from perfect have at least been given a small lifeline following the LNP’s push for major amendments to this Bill.

“The LNP has stood up for small business in Toowoomba and their employees to ensure they received a better deal under Labor’s proposed trading hour changes,” Mr Watts said.

“This was about standing up for the little guy, supporting Toowoomba’s small businesses and promoting competition to keep a lid on prices for customers.

“Until the LNP intervened, regional communities were being treated as second-rate citizens by a Brisbane-centric Labor Government.

“The LNP has protected local jobs and delivered trading hours certainty for Queensland small business.

“Up until now larger retailers have used the opportunity to regularly seek changes to trading hours by making application to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission – a costly process out of reach for many small businesses.

“Our amendments lock in trading hours for each part of Queensland for the next five years, taking away a major business uncertainty for smaller operators.”

LNP Leader Tim Nicholls said the LNP did not support the Bill when it was introduced because Labor had done such a bad job of consulting and listening to all sides.

“We weren’t dictated to by big business. We stood up for small businesses right across Queensland,” Mr Nicholls said.

“This was about standing up for mum and dad local businesses and giving them certainty so that they can invest and employ more locals.

“Labor’s laws were only geared towards the big end of town. They couldn’t tell us how many jobs in small business would have been lost under their first Bill.

“Only the LNP has a plan to support small business to create jobs across the state and Build a Better Queensland.”

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