LNP’s boost to business confidence

Treasurer and Minister for Trade
The Honourable Tim Nicholls

LNP’s boost to business confidence

BUSINESS confidence in Queensland has surged to levels not seen since before the global financial crisis and has been largely driven by the LNP’s policies promoting strong fiscal discipline and reducing punishing red tape, payroll and waste taxes.

Treasurer Tim Nicholls said today’s release of Commonwealth Bank CCIQ Pulse Survey figures show a 10 per cent improvement in business confidence in the last quarter.

“LNP election commitments relating to payroll tax cuts, restoring the AAA credit rating, red tape reduction and tighter fiscal discipline have all resulted in increased optimism in the business sector.

“The survey shows the business community is overwhelmingly supportive of the LNP government’s economic policies.

“Business confidence translates to spending and investment and is therefore hugely important for economic growth,” he said.

Mr Nicholls said while the survey noted a decline in general business conditi ons, sales and employment levels in the first quarter of the year, it was clear the business sector saw the election of an LNP government as a breath of fresh air.

“Many businesses have been doing it tough in recent years due to a number of factors including punishing red tape and increasing taxes and charges from both state and federal Labor governments.

“The CCIQ Survey found that business confidence in the Australian economy was negative over the March quarter – a clear sign that the Gillard Government’s carbon tax and ridiculously long ‘green tape’ approvals processes were creating uncertainty for business.

“The LNP government will grow a strong four pillar economy, cut red tape and payroll tax to ensure businesses can get on with doing business and creating jobs for a stronger Queensland in the future,” Mr Nicholls said.

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