LNP’s youth crime petition hits 17,000 as Labor’s GPS tracking media stunt fails

Attribute this statement to Opposition Leader David Crisafulli

Queenslanders are overwhelmingly in support of the LNP’s plan to bring back breach of
bail as an offence.

More than 17,000 honest Queenslanders have signed our petition which was launched in
Townsville last weekend.

There is no bigger joke than the state government’s GPS tracking of youth offenders, after
it was revealed the 4G network in Townsville isn’t reliable.

This was the state government’s cornerstone solution to reign in their youth crime crisis.

Their solution is crumbling.

This was nothing but a media stunt.

Labor is losing control of youth crime in Townsville.

Attribute this statement to Shadow Police Minister Dale Last

This is a major embarrassment for the state government.

Trackers are meant to track.

We need to get these youth offenders into the system, so we can monitor them.

Labor’s media stunt has failed spectacularly.

North Queenslanders want breach of bail as an offence and our petition backs that up.

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