Sunday March 29, 2020

‘I want to thank Queenslanders for voting over the past few weeks under difficult circumstances.

‘The results of these elections will not be known until all the votes are counted, including the many postal votes.

‘It is clear many people didn’t want to risk voting because they were anxious about catching coronavirus.

‘I am calling on the Palaszczuk Labor Government to respond to this in two ways.

‘Firstly, anyone who didn’t vote should not be fined.

‘Secondly, the ECQ should start preparing so the state election in October can be conducted using a full postal vote.

‘People shouldn’t be worried about their health when they vote.

‘Postal votes are safer than attending a polling booth.’

State News

Securing Queensland’s housing foundations

The LNP has announced a bold housing plan with six key policy areas to secure Queensland’s housing foundations over the coming two decades, with an ambitious plan to boost home ownership, unleash the community housing sector, turbocharge new housing and drive rental affordability.

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