Local JP’s clock up 152 years of service

  • 152 years of service for four dedicated Toowoomba North JP’s 
  • Barbara Barr, Perry Dayas, Paddy Boxall and Kent Elliott commended for their outstanding service to the community

Toowoomba North JP’s have been recognized and awarded for dedicating a combined 152 years of service as a Justice of the Peace for Queensland.

Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts proudly presented Barbara Barr with a Gold Certificate for 50 years of service, Perry Dayas and Paddy Boxall with a 25-year certificate for 38 years of service respectively, and Kent Elliott with a 25-year certificate following 26 years of service.

This is an outstanding effort by these JP’s and I am extremely proud and honored to have presented these certificates to such a dedicated group of people all of whom are committed and keen to continue to serve the community.

Barbara, Perry, Paddy and Kent have all enjoyed their time as Justices of the Peace with each of them signing thousands of documents throughout this time and recalling many special and interesting memories in their dealings with the public, as well as many late-night visits from the Police seeking their help in witnessing documents.

Even though the role as a Justice of the Peace for Queensland has been demanding at times, these JP’s have found it to be a most rewarding role.

The importance of these volunteers working within Queensland’s legal system cannot be underestimated and I would like to once again pay tribute to both Barbara, Perry, Paddy and Kent for their truly outstanding efforts in this role on behalf of the thousands of people that they have assisted through their many years of service,” Mr. Watts said

For further information about becoming a Justice of the Peace, please visit the Department of Justice & Attorney-General’s website www.justice.qld.gov.au/jps