Locals Fail To Get Their Fair Share

All we ask for is our fair share, which in this Palaszczuk Labor budget we have not received.

Only fifty million dollars were budgeted for the upcoming fiscal year for the Toowoomba Hospital Redevelopment, after only spending fifteen million dollars in the 2022-23 budget.

A five per cent spend over 2 years begs the question, will the Hospital even open in mid-2027?

We were told the Day Surgery would be open in December 2023, so you can understand the disappointment to find less than half the money has been spent on construction to date.

At a time when the cost of living soars and more people than ever are left without a roof over their heads, the Palaszczuk Government will have you believe they are alleviating the burden, but they have decided to cut funding to construct social housing in Toowoomba by over one million dollars.

We are left without a plan for primary education North of Highfields, no plan for a new North-South Connection Road, and no plan to upgrade road safety around our schools.

Toowoomba North State School students will shiver through at least another two winters, as this Government shamelessly neglects their desperate need for an enclosed hall.

We see a two-million-dollar allocation for the necessary land acquisition for the Highfields Fire and Emergency Services Station, as we know this Government has been taking an A-Class levy from residents and not providing an A-Class Service.

Five point six million dollars sits in QTRIP for the Highfields Road, Kratzke Road and O’Brien Road, intersection upgrade. It is an important project that the Highfields Community has been campaigning for, so we hope the funding does not sit in QTRIP for the four-year allocation and is constructed sooner rather than later.

This Government’s forecast expenditure in Biosecurity Queensland will see an eighty-million-dollar reduction at a time when fire ants have broken containment lines and are endangering agriculture and horticulture in our region.

We do not receive payroll tax concessions, we do not receive back-to-work subsidies, and now in this year’s budget, we have not received our fair share.

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