Longest ED wait times revealed

More shocking health statistics have revealed the excruciating wait times patients are forced to endure in emergency departments across the State, as the Palaszczuk Labor Government refuses to accept the Queensland Health Crisis is real.

Just a day after it was revealed more than 16,000 hours were lost to ambulance ramping in May, new Queensland Health data has revealed how long patients spent in emergency department waiting rooms.

Some of the longest times a patient waited in public hospitals from May to July 2023 include;

·       12 hours 51 minutes at Bundaberg Hospital in June

·       12 hours 16 minutes at PA Hospital in June

·       12 hours 13 minutes at RBWH in June

·       11 hours 32 minutes at Toowoomba Hospital in June

·       11 hours 24 minutes at Rockhampton Hospital in June

·       7 hours 27 minutes at Townsville University Hospital in May

·       7 hours 27 minutes at Cairns Hospital in July

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates said the damning figures show just how choked emergency department waiting rooms are across Queensland.

“Our hardworking frontline staff are working double shifts to keep the health system on the rails,” Ms Bates said.

“Queensland has world class doctors, nurses and paramedics but they’re being let down by a broken system.

“A crowded waiting room is no place for someone to wait endless hours before being taken into the ED.

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed to adequately plan, resource, and run our hospital system, and these figures show the disturbing result of that. 

“As a nurse and former hospital administrator, I know how stressful it is for patients and staff when our waiting rooms are clogged with patients.

“The Opposition will continue to fight for our solutions to be adopted to heal the health crisis; better resources, better triaging, sharing data in real-time and putting doctors and nurses back in charge to improve patient care.

“All Queenslanders deserve a world class health system no matter where they live.

“Under the chaos and crisis of Labor, Queensland has the worst ambulance ramping in the country, record lost ambulance hours, 37 maternity wards have shut, bed block is back, elective surgeries aren’t being completed within the clinically recommended time and more than 17,000 patients have spent more than 24 hours in emergency departments despite a 5.3% drop in the number of ED presentations last financial year.”
Source: https://documents.parliament.qld.gov.au/tableOffice/questionsAnswers/2023/952-2023.pdf

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