As our children start school for the first time or as they commence Term 1, 2017, I plead with everyone to pay extra attention on our roads particularly around school zones.

Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts said “I would like to remind drivers to slow down in and around school areas while young Queenslanders make their way to and from school. Children are by nature unpredictable, and may not be concentrating when they approach the streets or roads next to school.”

Flashing school zone signs are a good reminder for drivers to slow down in and around school areas and fortunately for those schools with flashing lights installed their students are assured of a much safer journey to and from their classes each day.

I am continuing to call on the Government to make certain that every school in the Toowoomba North electorate has these lights in place to protect our school communities.

“The installation of this safety feature in the school zones gives parents peace of mind their children are safer heading to and from school,” Mr Watts said.

“However flashing school zone lights are only part of the safety precautions in place at our schools. I would like to commend the outstanding commitment of our School Crossing Supervisors who make a continuous contribution in protecting students, educating them on safe road crossing practices and giving their parents peace of mind that their children will arrive safely at school.

“In hot, cold or wet weather, the supervisors are there, ensuring children are kept out of harm’s way and for this, I thank them,” Mr Watts said.