Minister congratulates officers on Medal awards

Police Minister Jack Dempsey today congratulated officers from across Queensland for receiving medals at the National Police Service Medal (NPSM) ceremony in Brisbane.

The medals were presented by Police Commissioner Bob Atkinson to acknowledge officers who had dedicated at least 15 years to the police service or had shown tremendous courage during policing operations.

“This is the first time NPSM has been presented in Queensland so it is an honour to congratulate these officers for their ongoing commitment to delivering ethical and diligent service,” Mr Dempsey said.

“The medal highlights the unique role that sworn officers have in protecting the community and it is a way for us to say thank you for the hard work and long hours they have committed.

“Police officers face a range of mental and physical challenges every day therefore it is important for us to recognise those who have fought to protect lives and property.

“These men and wo men are our heroes and it gives me great pleasure to see them rewarded for their remarkable work.”

Police officers from Southern Region, Metropolitan North and South Region, South Eastern Region and North Coast Region received the medals.

“These officers have worked tirelessly in a range of different departments including the District Traffic Branch, Operations Support Command, QPrime Project, Cultural Advisory Unit, Crime Stoppers and Corrective Service Investigation Unit,” Mr Dempsey said.

“All of these officers receiving awards are certainly more than deserving of this honour and they are a testament to the outstanding work that the Services does every day.”

Award Recipients include:
• Assistant Commissioner Peter Barron
• Assistant Commissioner Paul Wilson
• Inspector Mervyn Adamson from Ipswich District
• Senior Sergeant Gary Beattie from Metropolitan South Region
• Senior Co nstable Michael Brindell from North Brisbane Traffic Branch
• Sergeant Peter Bylett from Logan Traffic Branch
• Inspector Mark Clark from Logan District
• Senior Sergeant Kevin Darch from Operations Support Command
• Chief Superintendent Kerry Dunn from Southern Region
• Inspector Frederick Fox from the Cultural Advisory Unit
• Sergeant Anthony Hart from Beenleigh Division
• Sergeant Dianne Hart from State Crime Operations Command
• Assistant Commissioner Andrew Henderson
• Sergeant Russell Hicks from Ferny Grove Division
• Sergeant Christopher Honan from Morningside Division
• Senior Sergeant Darryl Keys from Redcliffe City Division
• Detective Sergeant John Kirkpatrick from Logan
• Senior Sergeant Antonius Laurier from State Traffic Support Branch
• Superintendent Ian Limbach from QPrime Project
• Sergeant John McFaul from In ala Division
• Inspector Michael McKay from Operations Support Command
• Senior Sergeant Allan McSweeney from South Eastern Region
• Inspector Judith Newman from Central Convenors Unit
• Sergeant Gregory Pierce from Brisbane Watchhouse
• Senior Sergeant Kenneth Rach from Operations Support Command
• Sergeant Wayne Saul from Inala Division
• Sergeant Pieter Schagen from Deception Bay Division
• Inspector Keith Schultz from Caboolture Division
• Inspector Ian Sieber from Central Convenors Division
• Detective Inspector Trevlyn Slater from State Crime Operations Command
• Senior Sergeant Mark Svenson from Operations Support Command
• Senior Sergeant Geoffrey Thomas from Springwood Division
• Sergeant John Warner from Redcliffe District Crime Prevention
• Senior Sergeant Gregory Wilson from Moorooka Division

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