More Local Jobs for Toowoomba – LNP’s ‘Buy Local’ Policy

  • LNP’s ‘Buy Local’ to produce more local jobs.
  • LNP’s ‘Buy Local’ gives true local businesses a real hand up to create more local jobs
  • Annastacia Palaszczuk and Labor are all talk and no action when it comes to ‘Buy Local’

A future Tim Nicholls-led Liberal National Party Government will introduce a “Buy Local” government procurement policy which puts Queensland jobs, businesses and taxpayers first.

Buy Local would not only prioritise local jobs but give hard working Queensland taxpayers best bang for buck.

I want to see more local jobs and our policy will deliver. Buy Local will give local businesses a real hand up, not a hand out, to create more local jobs.

The LNP’s ‘Buy Local’ policy puts Queensland jobs and Queenslanders first.

On Government projects under $100 million, whether that’s desks for a school or building a new road, we will give only true Queensland firms a price match guarantee.

If a local business that’s headquartered in Queensland and has a workforce in the project area matches the lowest bid – they’ll get the job.

Buy Local covers 99 percent of local businesses in Queensland. These are small to medium enterprises employing less than 200 staff. It really is about creating more local jobs.

That’s the LNP’s Buy Local attitude – putting Queensland jobs, businesses and taxpayers first.

The policy differences between the LNP and Labor could not be clearer – we are for local jobs.

Unlike Annastacia Palaszczuk’s inexperienced and unworkable ‘Buy Queensland’ policy, we won’t allow blow-ins from interstate and overseas to take advantage by simply having a workforce in Queensland.

Labor’s inept policy also jeopardises the jobs of thousands of Queenslanders who rely on our $68 billion trade industry – and could potentially cost taxpayers millions.

The LNP won’t stand by and watch Queenslanders jobs be put in danger by an inexperienced Annastacia Palaszczuk. Her thought bubble doesn’t favour Queensland firms, taxpayers or create jobs, in fact it puts them at risk.

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