New Acland Mine, A sad day for mining in Queensland

It’s been confirmed 75 Queensland workers will lose their jobs tomorrow at the New Acland Mine, near Toowoomba.

Around 350 jobs have been lost at the mine since the Palaszczuk Government took office.

Now the mine has run out of coal due to Government inaction.

Yesterday, the Premier told us she wants more new mining opportunities approved in Queensland but less than 24 hours later, she can’t even keep a mine we already have open.

This government’s inaction has killed this mine.

This is devastating for the workers, their families and the communities of the Darling Downs.

It is typical of this third-term government.

They only care about how things look, not how things actually are.

Announcements and speeches won’t keep our mining industry afloat, workers in jobs or their communities alive.

What are these workers going to do now?

They have been badly failed by the Palaszczuk Government.

Queenslanders deserve so much better than this.

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