New report confirms more expensive water bills are coming

Auditor General report shows future water price hikes are likely
• Queenslanders still paying the price for Labor’s failed investments in water white elephants
• Palaszczuk Government needs to rule out higher prices

A new report from the Queensland Audit Office shows water prices are set to increase yet again in south-east Queensland just to cover the costs of Labor’s failed water investments.

Shadow Water Supply spokesman Michael Hart said the report flagged higher prices if demand for water doesn’t increase as expected.

“Curtis Pitt and Mark Bailey should address the findings of this report today and rule out future price hikes,”
Mr Hart said.

“The Audit Office clearly finds demand for water in south-east Queensland is not reaching levels originally expected, impacting revenue at government-owned Seqwater.

“It flags a “price reset” if demand for water doesn’t increase – meaning higher water bills for Queensland families and businesses.

“Meanwhile we’ve seen the Seqwater chief executive officer, chief financial officer and general manager of human resources all leave with no explanation given to Queenslanders.”

Mr Hart said south-east Queenslanders were already paying too much for water due to Labor’s failed investments in white elephants.

“Labor wasted billions on white elephants like the Tugun Desalination Plant and the Western Corridor Recycled Water Grid – and Queensland families and businesses are picking up the tab.

“Not only are they paying the price through higher water bills, the cost of maintaining these white elephants is $20 million a year.

“This report highlights the ongoing costs of Labor’s failed infrastructure investments, and sadly it looks like Queenslanders are once again facing higher charges due to Labor’s mismanagement.

“When in government the LNP acted to reduce these price hikes by reducing the duplication of services, stripping back costs and merging three bulk water entities.”

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