New survey shows just how much Darling Downs businesses are hurting

  • CCIQ Pulse survey shows small businesses in regional Queensland less profitable than SEQ counterparts
  • Electricity prices listed as the number one issue facing business across the state
  • Survey shows high power prices sending many farming businesses to the wall

A new survey has again confirmed it’s getting even tougher to do business on the Darling Downs, under the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

The latest CCIQ Pulse survey of business conditions showed the region’s small businesses were feeling pessimistic about the year ahead.

What’s most worrying is that the survey shows businesses in regional parts of the state, such as the Darling Downs, are less profitable and face higher business costs.

Unsurprisingly, the extremely high cost of electricity was listed as the number one issue facing small businesses right across the state.

Power prices are particularly hurting the agricultural industry. This is really worrying for our region, where the majority of businesses are either farming businesses or heavily rely on the business they do with our farmers.

Sixty-five per cent of agricultural businesses surveyed indicated electricity prices were critically impacting them.

Agriculture experienced the worst price rises of any industry, with 41 per cent of respondents saying prices had jumped 75-100 per cent in the last two years.

The survey also shows that unlike business in other industries, farmers aren’t in a position to pass these increasing costs on to customers and this challenges their profitability.”

The LNP recognised farming businesses couldn’t survive if prices kept increasing.

The LNP has already pledged to establish the Agriculture Energy and Water Council which will give farmers a seat at the table with Ministers and energy company representatives to tackle critical issues such as tariff reform.

We’re going to keep fighting against Labor’s actions that have pushed up prices. Labor’s expensive green schemes and the decision to load up state-owned companies with billions of dollars of debt have had a disastrous impact.

Farming businesses on the Darling Downs, can’t face these price increases by themselves.  I guarantee that I’ll listen to them and act on electricity prices to ensure a future for the industry and our region.

The purpose of the Agriculture Energy and Water Council will be to:

  • Develop further collaboration between Queensland Farmers’ Federation, AgForce, Canegrowers and the LNP to consider energy-related issues of the agriculture industry
  • Provide strategic oversight to existing Government assistance packages for the agriculture industry, which is facing substantial change and uncertainty in relation to electricity, and
  • Coordinate management of electricity and water as key agricultural inputs.