No plan means more pain for Queenslanders

Monday 7 September, 2020

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s failure to deliver an economic plan or State Budget has left Queensland facing years of mass unemployment and higher taxes, the LNP said today.

LNP Leader Deb Frecklington said the economic update released today would alarm employers and workers across Queensland.

“Labor had no economic plan before coronavirus and they have no economic plan now,” Ms Frecklington said.

“Instead of a 1000-page Budget, all Labor could deliver was a 41-page glossy brochure.

“A record 234,000 Queenslanders are out of work because Labor can’t manage the economy.

“Labor failed to rule out new taxes, failed to create new jobs and failed to outline an economic plan.  

“Labor’s own projections show another 73,000 Queenslanders are set to lose their job.

“It is clear Labor isn’t working.

“Only an LNP Government will provide the economic leadership that Queensland is desperate for.”

Ms Frecklington said it was concerning that the Palaszczuk Labor Government had not ruled out more tax increases after the state election.

“Labor has slugged Queenslanders with nine new taxes in this term of government and they won’t rule out more,” Ms Frecklington said.

“No wonder Labor wanted to cancel the State Budget.

“An LNP Government will produce a full Budget in 100 days and we guarantee there will no new taxes.”

LNP Shadow Treasurer Tim Mander said Labor’s failure to deliver an economic plan would worsen the pain for Queensland workers and employers.

“Our economy is hurting like never before, but Labor has no plan to drag Queensland’s economy out of recession,” Mr Mander said

“Only the LNP has a plan to stimulate the economy, create a decade of secure jobs and drag Queensland out of this recession.

“The LNP will build new infrastructure to create jobs, build the drought-busting New Bradfield Scheme and build dams to improve food and water security.

“An LNP Government will also give Queenslanders a no-new-tax guarantee to give businesses the confidence to invest and create jobs.

“We will fully fund our promises and deliver on our fiscal principles.

“An LNP Government will get Queensland working again.”