Palaszczuk Government lines its pockets while Queenslanders whether cost of living crisis

Cameron Dick took to the big stage today and made it all about himself, while Queenslanders struggle with a cost of living crisis and crumbling services, Cameron Dick crowed about how much money he has.  

The big question is what do Queenslanders have to show for it?  

The Treasurer is lining the Palaszczuk Government’s pockets at a time our health system has deteriorated, our infrastructure hasn’t kept pace with growth and we have fewer police officers than two years ago.

Today Queenslanders wanted to know when cost of living pressures will ease, by how much and what the Palaszczuk Government is doing to help the budgets of Queensland families?

The fact Cameron Dick didn’t care about answering these questions tells you everything you need to know about the arrogance of the Palaszczuk Government.

Cameron Dick has received $38 billion more in revenue than what was projected in his first budget in 2020.

The Treasurer has been gifted revenue rivers of gold and the obvious question is what does Queensland have to show for it?

What Queenslanders need are more beds in hospitals, more police protecting communities and more housing to shelter the vulnerable.

Every time Cameron Dick breaks his promises, Queenslanders end up paying more for less.

Equally concerning is that debt has increased by $15 billion over the same period.

Despite revenue rivers of gold, debt has never been higher and services have never been worse.

Queenslanders struggling to manage their own budgets deserve more than a Palaszczuk Government budget that doesn’t deliver for them.

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