Palaszczuk Government slow off the Olympic mark

The Palaszczuk Government thinks the Olympics is all about rolling out the red carpet, rather than rolling out much needed infrastructure.

The Deputy Premier has refused to release the state’s list of infrastructure they want to jointly fund with the Federal Government and Queenslanders deserve to know.

We’ve had a senior minister admit that the State Government’s plans for the Gabba redevelopment are a ‘stab in the dark’.

Given this State Government’s record of infrastructure cost blowouts and delays, it’s no surprise that it’s been over a year since we were awarded the games and the government still has no idea what it wants to build and is now fighting amongst themselves about who is responsible.

This is why we have always said Olympic infrastructure should be delivered by an independent body and not by the Palaszczuk Government.

How can we trust the Palaszczuk Government with this if they don’t even trust each other?

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