Palaszczuk Government walking away from an election promise

Police Minister Mark Ryan has refused to guarantee the Palaszczuk Government will deliver a key promise made to Queenslanders at the last election.

Queenslanders won’t cop that!

At the 2020 election, the Palaszczuk Government promised an extra 2025 police and staff would join the Queensland Police Service by 2025.

Today, when asked directly if his government could deliver on its key commitment made to voters, today Mr Ryan walked away from that promise.

In August, Parliamentary Estimates revealed the Palaszczuk Government had added just five extra police officers to the frontline in the last 12 months.

Shadow Police Minister Dale Last said it was unforgivable for the Palaszczuk Government to break an election promise made directly to Queenslanders. 

“Queenslanders will not cop this broken promise in the middle of the Palaszczuk Government’s youth crime wave,” Mr Last said.

“First the Palaszczuk Government watered down the youth justice laws which is why youth crime is soaring across the state and now it’s walking away from its election promise to put more police in our communities.

“This is why Queenslanders no longer trust the Palaszczuk Government.

“One of the key jobs of a good government is keeping its people safe and on that front the Palaszczuk Government is failing badly.

“Since the Palaszczuk Government came to office, police numbers have not kept pace with population growth.

“Crime is out of control in Queensland and tearing communities apart because the Palaszczuk Government weakened the laws and has failed to plan and deliver on its promise to put more police on the beat.

“Communities in all corners of the state are crying out for help but the Palaszczuk Government is refusing to listen to Queenslanders.

“Is it any wonder Queenslanders are giving up on this government.

“Queensland deserve better.”