Palaszczuk Government’s integrity fail

On the eve of 200 days since the Coaldrake Review Recommendations were handed down, the Opposition is demanding the Palaszczuk Government explain why it has failed to implement key integrity measures.

Last June the scathing findings were revealed and the Palaszczuk Government is still dragging its feet on key recommendations to fix its rotten culture.

The damning review into the integrity of the Palaszczuk Government showed a lack of leadership from the top allowed a toxic culture to fester for years.

The Premier has not acted on multiple recommendations.

Queenslanders are still waiting for:

  • Cabinet documents to be published online within 30 days
  • A single clearing house for complaints to be established, and
  • Mandatory reporting of data breaches to commence.

Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government Fiona Simpson said on the day the review was released the Premier committed to implementing the recommendations “lock, stock and barrel” but she has given no timeline and still has not acted.

“Queenslanders will rightly question if she can be trusted to fix the toxic culture she has created,” Ms Simpson said.

“When governments give up on integrity, they give up on governing for the people they were elected to represent.

“As this rotten culture has been allowed to fester, the government is no longer about serving the people, it’s about serving their mates. That’s when the services Queenslanders rely on – hospitals, putting a roof over their head, and law and order – descend into chaos. 

“The Premier must adopt the recommendations with timelines to hold her accountable and commit to fixing the issues she has overseen in her government.

“Good governments keep their promises. The Premier promised to implement all of Professor Coaldrake’s recommendations and has so far failed to implement several.

“This is why Queenslanders no longer trust this government.”

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