Palaszczuk Labor Government’s small business shame

Small and family businesses are the latest casualty of the chaos and crisis besetting the Palaszczuk Labor Government. 

Reports today Queensland small businesses have the worst survival rate in the nation is deeply concerning and the Palaszczuk Labor Government is directly accountable.

This is a Government that gave up pretending to care about small business long ago. 

Throughout the pandemic, and in the months that have followed, small businesses and their staff were an after-thought.  

Small businesses have heard plenty of empty promises from this Government that continues to make it more expensive to do business in Queensland.

From escalating electricity prices due to power plant outages, to tradie shortages due to TAFE failures and a crippling crime crisis, this Government is failing Queensland small businesses.

Rather than acknowledge these challenges and work to fix them, the disgraceful response from this Labor Government is more deflection and distraction.

Queensland small businesses aren’t distracted by the chaos and crisis of this Government.

Queensland small businesses deserve a government to support them.

Queenslanders have waited nearly a decade for Labor to create a plan for small business, and we’re still waiting for them to deliver it.

Unless the Government starts supporting small business, by better planning and more support, they will make the difficult decision to close for good. 

In contrast, the LNP is the party of small business and we will keep fighting to ensure they get the support they deserve.

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