Prepare for bushfire season now

Minister for Police and Community Safety
The Honourable Jack Dempsey

Prepare for bushfire season now

Community Safety Minister Jack Dempsey is urging Queenslanders to prepare their homes and properties now for what’s expected to be a busy bushfire season.

Mr Dempsey attended a Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) hazard reduction burn in Townsville today and said similar burns will occur across the state.

“Queensland’s wet summer has increased the amount of grass across the state and if this dries out in the coming winter months it could become a significant fuel load for bushfires,” Mr Dempsey said.

“I urge all residents who have not already done so to make sure they prepare their homes and properties to ensure they are protected from a bushfire in their area.

“Having a well prepared home can dramatically increase the chance of survival should you get caught in a bushfire.”

QFRS Commissioner Lee Johnson said landholders are encouraged to do their bit to reduce the fire risk.

“Landholders have the responsibility for decrea sing the dangers through hazard reduction burns,” Mr Johnson said.

“If landholders want to conduct a burn they should contact their local fire warden as a permit to light a fire may be required.”

Mr Dempsey said now is also the time to prepare a Bushfire Survival Plan.

“Your Plan should detail everything you will do if a bushfire threatens your home. You should also prepare a bushfire kit which includes important items and equipment required to relocate for the time needed,” Mr Dempsey said.

“A bushfire kit can include protective clothing for the whole family, a battery operated radio and spare batteries, medication, money, identity information such as passports and certificates, bottles of water, blankets and other items of high importance.”

Commissioner Johnson said a Bushfire Survival Plan should also detail when you intend to leave if a bushfire threatens.

“Leaving early is always the best option, particularly in severe, ex treme or catastrophic fire conditions,” Mr Johnson said.

Mr Dempsey also launched a new live fire website page so Queenslanders can access up-to-date information on bushfires in their area.

“This live fire site is located on the Rural Fire Service website ( and allows all Queenslanders to view reported incidents the QFRS have been made aware of,” Mr Dempsey said.

“The site displays vegetation fires and also provides information on any community warnings which may have been issued in relation to a fire.

“Community warnings will be updated on the website every 10 minutes while information on fires in which no warnings have been issued will update every 30 minutes.

“The site will provide another avenue for the public to access information about fires in their area, and in turn, reduce the number of Triple Zero (000) calls received about these incidents.”

Commissioner Johnson said the live fire site is one of several ways the QFRS provides information to the public on fire incidents.

“The QFRS communicates information through the media, social media and this live fire website among others,” Mr Johnson said.

“However this does not replace the need to call emergency services if a bushfire threatens your property and in these cases you should always call Triple Zero (000).”