Prison overcrowding

For some prisons in Queensland to reach 150% capacity highlights the chaos and crisis under the watch of Minister Mark Ryan and Labor, and is another example of the Labor Government’s failure to plan.

​Overcrowding has become a growing issue under the Palaszczuk Labor Government despite the LNP Opposition raising it repeatedly. Despite the impact on staff safety, the Minister has sat on his hands the entire time. 

​Minister Ryan is on notice that should deaths, serious injuries or escapes occur in one of these facilities linked to overcrowding, he will be held accountable as he is directly responsible.

​Overcrowding also has a direct impact on officer safety with 385 Corrections staff who were assaulted last financial year under Minister Ryan.

​The men and women who work in these centres have a difficult job to ensure the security of the centres and the safety of our communities. Their jobs are being made harder and more dangerous because of Labor’s chaos and crisis.

​The Minister must explain how they are going to fix this mess.

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