QLD Parliament condemns Labor’s record high energy prices

  • Queensland Parliament delivers damming blow to Labor on its record high energy prices
  • Parliament vote condemns government for using high electricity prices as a secret tax
  • Motion was the third vote the minority Labor government had lost in the Parliament this week


The Queensland Parliament delivered a damming blow to the Palaszczuk Labor Government for using electricity as a secret tax which is crippling Queensland businesses and costing jobs.

Shadow Treasurer Scott Emerson said the motion introduced by the LNP which condemned Labor’s high prices as a secret tax was the third vote the minority Labor government had lost in the Parliament this week.

“Labor have continued to use energy prices as a secret tax, and on Tuesday evening the Parliament agreed to publicly expose Labor’s electricity ‘hoax’ as a con on all Queenslanders,” Mr Emerson said.

“Annastacia Palaszczuk has presided over a period of the highest-ever power costs in Queensland’s history, and the Queensland Parliament took a stand and told them enough is enough.

“This is a government in chaos which has lost control of the Parliament as Queenslanders realise Labor is all about cons, costs and crisis.

“Labor tells Queenslanders they’ve never had it so good, but they aren’t fooling anyone.”

Shadow Energy Minister Michael Hart said it’s little wonder Parliament voted to condemn the Palaszczuk Government on energy when their policies will do nothing to reduce the costs for Queenslanders.

“Queensland’s economy can’t grow if it’s weighed down by high electricity costs, and the Palaszczuk Government were told in no uncertain terms they’re failing to manage those costs,” Mr Hart said.

“The impact of Labor’s gouging of consumers has seen wholesale power prices skyrocket by 70 per cent, which shows that the Palaszczuk Labor government delivers only Cons, Costs and Crisis.

“Queensland families and businesses are seeing their bills going up because of Labor’s failed policies.

“Industry and families are paying thousands of dollars more for electricity, and Labor couldn’t care less.

“Only the LNP has a plan to deal with skyrocketing power bills and get rid of Labor’s secret tax.”

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