Queensland hurt by Labor power prices

  • Labor have been caught out ripping off every man, woman and child in Queensland – using electricity as a tax by stealth
  • This year alone, electricity bills are going up by at least $50 for households and $100 for small businesses
  • Labor was elected on a promise to lower electricity prices. Another broken Labor promise

Today’s reports confirming wholesale electricity prices in Queensland have been the most expensive in the National Energy Market are a kick in the guts for Queenslanders and an indictment on this bad Labor Government.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government have been caught out ripping off Queenslanders.

I have met and spoken to many constituents who are most concerned that they are paying too much for electricity and we now know that it is the failed policies of the Palaszczuk Labor Government that are ripping off Queensland families.

There isn’t a Queensland family or a business that Labor won’t hurt with their shocking electricity policies.

Wholesale electricity prices have increased by more than 70 per cent on Labor’s watch.

Queenslanders are paying more than any state for green schemes but have less renewable power than other states.

Labor has been gouging families, small businesses and households with higher wholesale electricity prices and manipulating the electricity market.

Annastacia Palaszczuk and her Government have been pushing the government-owned electricity generators to ‘game the market’ to help cover the Government’s financial mismanagement and budget problems.

Labor have been caught out ripping off every man, woman and child in Queensland – using electricity as a tax by stealth.

Labor cannot be trusted and their only legacy after almost three years in office is to deliberately slug Queenslanders to pay for their financial incompetence.

Labor is sending Queenslanders higher power bills. Labor is killing jobs and destroying the state’s economy.

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