Queensland Integrity Crisis

All talk: 300 days of inaction on bombshell Coaldrake integrity recommendationsQueensland Integrity Crisis

The Premier has failed to act on critical integrity measures, more than 300 days after an independent investigation found systemic integrity issues in the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

The Palaszczuk Labor Government never let the sun shine in.

The scathing findings of the Coaldrake Review were handed down in July 2022 and exposed the depths of the Palaszczuk Labor Government integrity crisis, including:

  • No transparency for Cabinet decisions or documents.
  • Shocking lobbyist influence on Government decision making, including some lobbyists “dual hatting” as Labor campaigners.
  • Ministerial staffers bullying State Government bureaucrats and an atmosphere of fear in the Queensland Public Service.
  • Inadequate independence for integrity authorities to assess and investigate serious complaints and corruption.
  • Using ‘commercial-in-confidence’ to hide project costs from taxpayers.
  • Government attempts to suppress public records and subvert RTI processes.
  • No transparency or processes to reveal data and privacy breaches for citizens.
  • Inadequate protections for government whistleblowers.

It’s been revealed 300 days after the review, the Palaszczuk Labor Government has failed to act on critical integrity recommendations, confirming the Premier is all talk and no action on government integrity.

Despite Premier Palaszczuk promising to implement the Coaldrake recommendations ‘lock, stock and barrel’, after 300 days Queenslanders are still waiting for the Premier to act on key measures including:

  • The publication of Cabinet documents online within 30 days.
  • Establishing a complaints clearing house.
  • Implementing mandatory reporting of data breaches.
  • Strengthening lobbying regulation, including additional reporting requirements for meetings.

The LNP is calling on the Palaszczuk Government to explain why they have failed to act on such key integrity measures for 300 days.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said after nearly a decade in office the Palaszczuk Government had given up on governing with integrity.

“For 300 days to pass without action shows the State Government used this report as an announcement to solve a media problem instead of repairing the integrity issues raging through the Government,” Mr Crisafulli.

“The Palaszczuk Government’s only focus is seeing the sun rise on a fourth term in office not letting the sun shine in to heal the integrity crisis.

“It was all about solving a media problem instead of delivering the reforms Queenslanders were promised.

“It’s very simple, Queenslanders deserve a government that’s transparent and accountable, with a focus on delivering for our State, rather than covering-up its own failures.

“It’s no wonder the Premier has allowed integrity issues to fester when her Government is in a constant state of chaos and crisis.

“Whether it’s health, youth crime or integrity, the Palaszczuk Government has stopped listening and acting, and is instead desperately attempting to cling to power.”

Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government Fiona Simpson said the Premier was governing Queensland in the shadows.

“After 300 days nothing has changed with the broken Committee process, the protection racket of Estimates, hiding behind Cabinet-in-confidence and the lack of transparency for lobbyists,” Ms Simpson said.

“Queenslanders cannot afford to wait years for this dodgy, rotten Government to make the sweeping integrity reforms needed.

“If they don’t fix the integrity crisis within their Government they can’t focus on fixing the crises impacting the lives of Queenslanders every day like housing, health and crime.   

“A toxic, rotten culture has consumed this third-term Government, and it’s clear the Premier has turned her back on accountability and transparency.

“Instead of letting the sun shine in, the Premier has kept governing in the dark.

“Queenslanders deserve better than the dodgy Palaszczuk Labor Government.”

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