Queensland needs Commission of Inquiry into QBCC

It’s time for a Commission of Inquiry to find out what on earth is going on at the QBCC.

What is the building watchdog doing if it’s not suspending two tradies charged with drug trafficking and attempted murder? It’s extraordinary and potentially dangerous. 

In the case of the drug trafficker, the court froze his accounts.

How could he ever meet minimum financial requirements for his licence?

The QBCC lets him hold a builders licence allowing him to turnover $3 million worth of work annually.

Yet a court froze his savings because he is clearly a risk to society.

Under Minister Mick de Brenni, the building watchdog is broken.

It’s abundantly clear these tradies don’t pass the ‘fit and proper’ test to hold a trade licence nor should they be allowed to operate inside the homes of Queensland families. 

Mick de Brenni has failed to do his job as the QBCC continues to fail Queenslanders. 

The list of extraordinary failures by Mick de Brenni is getting longer by the day. 

Just like these dodgy tradies, the Minister is no longer fit for his job.

There must be a Commission of Inquiry into the QBCC.

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