Queenslanders denied crucial hospital data

Pressure is mounting on the state government to stop hiding monthly ambulance ramping data in the middle of the Queensland Health Crisis.

Up until last month, the state government released ambulance ramping data each month, but now they’ve changed it to quarterly reports.

With the State Government losing control of healthcare the LNP and honest Queenslanders are demanding the latest up-to-date ramping data be released.

The LNP is concerned the State Government is failing to be open and transparent about the true state of the Queensland Health Crisis.

Shadow Health Minister Ros Bates says the timely data must be released so health experts can start working on genuine solutions to heal our health system and fix the crisis.

“You can’t improve the health system if you can’t admit there’s a problem. Clearly, the state government has something to hide,” Ms Bates said.

“The LNP has been inundated with horror stories this year about the health crisis. Queenslanders just want it fixed.

“The embattled health minister is obviously so embarrassed with her performance, she’s now refusing to reveal the monthly statistics.

“Ramping has hit record highs under this third term Labor government and instead of trying to find solutions, they think solving the problem involves hiding data.”

Shadow Minister for Open Data Brent Mickelberg said Labor is losing control of the health system.

“This is a government in the dark and that’s good for no one,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“This third-term government have become so arrogant, they think it’s acceptable to hide the truth.

“The LNP is committed to openness and transparency because it’s what good governments do.

“The Health Minister needs to front up, stop the blame game and release the data immediately.”


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