Regions get no say and no respect from Labor

Thursday 6 February, 2020

Labor has combined contempt for both democracy and regional Queensland in a disgraceful week in Parliament, LNP Shadow Agriculture Minister Tony Perrett said today.

Mr Perrett said Labor began the sitting with an attempt to ram through the lowering of the Paradise Dam without any Parliamentary scrutiny or public consultation.

And today Labor has introduced legislation – again without notice – to repeal the Agricultural Training Colleges Act.

The move will set the seal on the closure of the Emerald and Longreach agricultural colleges – without any public consultation or Parliamentary committee scrutiny.

“Labor doesn’t listen to Queenslanders in the regions and it doesn’t listen to regional MPs in Parliament,” Mr Perrett said.

“After five years in power, the Palaszczuk Labor Government thinks it can do whatever it wants.

“The regions get no say and no respect from Labor.

“If you live in Wide Bay, Emerald, Longreach or anywhere else outside Brisbane, Labor doesn’t care what you think and will go outside the rules to get its way.

“Labor never treats communities in Brisbane like this.

“Regional Queenslanders are sick of being told to suck it up by the Brisbane Labor Party.”

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s move to lower the Paradise Dam set aside 17 separate pieces of legislation, allowing the Government to act without requiring any of the planning or environmental approvals required from any other agency or individual.