Report finds infrastructure funding slashed under Labor

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

An unprecedent decline in Queensland infrastructure investment has occurred under the Palaszczuk Labor Government, according to the latest Queensland Major Projects Pipeline report.

The value of funded infrastructure projects in Queensland has fallen from more than $18 billion under the pervious LNP Government to less than $8 billion in this financial year.

LNP Shadow Infrastructure Minister Andrew Powell slammed the government for closing Queensland off from job-creating infrastructure investment.

“Queensland was once the economic powerhouse of Australia with major infrastructure projects being built across the state from resources to roads and everything in-between,” Mr Powell said.

“Now after five years of Labor, infrastructure investment has halved while Queensland’s unemployment rate has risen to become the highest in the nation.

“With Labor’s nine new taxes ripping $3.5 billion from the state’s economy and a Treasurer who has told resource communities to re-skill, it’s little wonder why businesses are refusing to invest in Queensland’

“Fewer infrastructure projects funded under Labor mean fewer Queensland jobs.

“The LNP will reignite infrastructure investment and create jobs by building the New Bradfield Scheme, new roads and dams, cutting red-tape and guaranteeing no new taxes.”

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