Save our Small and Family Businesses

The LNP is calling for the State Government to adopt a sliding scale criteria for small business financial assistance and accelerate applications during the ongoing lockdown.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the grant scheme had merit and would save more businesses and protect more jobs if it was flexible and could be delivered immediately.

“Financial aid must be delivered quicker and be made available for small and family businesses of all sizes,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“A one size fits all approach to support small and family businesses ends up fitting very few.

“Financial support must be a sliding scale to suit different sized businesses because as it stands, small businesses with a turnover of less than $75,000 aren’t eligible for any assistance and those larger ones might require a little more assistance upfront to keep trading through.

“The Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry revealed two-thirds of businesses are not eligible. That’s not good enough.

“42% of Queenslanders are employed by small and family businesses.

“There are people who rely on shifts to pay rent and keep food on the table for their families.

“This lockdown hurts small and family business owners and their staff mentally, socially and economically.”

Shadow Minister for Small and Family Business Brent Mickelberg says businesses needed clarity and consistency from the State Government.

“Every day that the State Government fails to support sole traders, is another day when more hairdressers, book-keepers and lawn mowing businesses will fold,” Mr Mickelberg said.

“There are more than 450,000 small and family businesses in Queensland and around 288,000 of those aren’t being provided with any assistance.

“They are the lifeblood of every community and they are being let down by a situation out of their control.

“For the sake of every Queensland community, we must properly support all small and family businesses crying out for help in their hour of need.”

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