School safety to be improved at Schools across Toowoomba North

School safety to be improved at Schools across Toowoomba North

Toowoomba students will be able to travel to and from school more safely under the LNP’s plan to improve 75 school safety zones across Queensland.

LNP candidate for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts said Newtown State School, Toowoomba East State School, Wilsonton State School and Toowoomba Christian College will be some of the schools to benefit from this program.

“When I’ve been speaking with parents in Toowoomba they’ve regularly raised their concerns with me to ensure their children are as safe as possible both on the way to and from school,” Mr Watts said.

“Flashing school zone lights are effective in getting motorists to slow down. They’re working in several locations across the state already and are helping keep kids safe.

“For example the flashing speed limit lights at Mary McKillop Catholic School at Highfields are very visible even on a busy foggy morning. I have seen how effective they can be. They have significantly improved the safety of the road.

“It’s time to protect Queensland students with a deliberate, planned program to install the lights at other schools.

“Newtown State School and Wilsonton State School are both busy schools, with a high level of car and pedestrian traffic with multiple entrances. Toowoomba East State School is a busy school with visibility problems in fog and heavy rain. Toowoomba Christian College is on a busy highway and also has problems with visibility in bad weather. This is why these schools are a priority for flashing safety lights.

“Parents should feel that their children are safe when going to and from school, especially within the school safety zone. Labor has ignored the alarming increase in motorists being fined for speeding through school zones.

“Anna Bligh and Kerry Shine’s Labor Government made a media announcement of a 12 month trial of school zone signage a year and a half ago, but have done nothing since.

“The CanDo LNP team will plan for the future safety of school zones. These plans represent a change for the better.