Securing Queensland’s housing foundations

LNP delivers bold 20-year housing plan to build the homes for Queensland’s Future

The LNP has announced a bold housing plan with six key policy areas to secure Queensland’s housing foundations over the coming two decades, with an ambitious plan to boost home ownership, unleash the community housing sector, turbocharge new housing and drive rental affordability.

The LNP’s Securing our Housing Foundations plan consists of six key policy areas:

  1. Big Boost into Home Ownership

a.    Abolish stamp duty for all new homes, for first home buyers.

b.    Raise the Stamp Duty concession threshold in full for existing homes, up to $700,000 and partially up to $800,000, for first home buyers.

  1. Boost to Buy with a new shared equity home ownership program designed to close the deposit gap for buyers without access to the bank of mum and dad.
  2. Unlock the Homes for Queensland’s Future with a plan for one million extra homes by 2044, new Regional Plans for every corner of Queensland and fast-tracked approvals.
  3. Open the Door to housingby removing restrictions preventing first home buyer grant recipients from renting-out rooms and opening-up rental supply.
  4. Homes with Purpose,with 10,000 new social and community homes on church and charity-owned land, unleashing the community housing sector and clear targets to ramp-up social housing.
  5. Breaking Down the Barriers to Building,by fast-tracking development approvals and building new homes quicker, safeguarding the materials and tradies needed to build the homes for Queensland’s future.

The LNP’s housing plan not only maps out a clear path to the housing we need for Queensland’s future, it also unlocks the door to achieving it.

Queensland is in the grip of a Housing Crisis after a decade of Labor’s failure to plan for our growing State, but today’s plan charts a path out of crisis, to secure our housing foundations.

LNP Leader David Crisafulli said his ambitious plan would see Queensland become the capital of home ownership, giving young Queenslanders who wanted to own a home, the chance to.

“The LNP will secure our housing foundations with a big boost to home ownership and by unlocking the homes for Queensland’s future,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“For young Queenslanders who are on the housing hamster-wheel and just can’t get ahead to buy their first home, we will offer a big boost into new homes by abolishing stamp duty for all new homes.

“For your first home, if you build or buy a new home, you will not pay a single dollar of stamp duty in Queensland.

“We will also offer a big boost into existing homes by raising the threshold for full stamp duty concessions up to $700,000, with partial concessions up to $800,000.

“The LNP will also close the deposit gap for those young Queenslanders without access to the bank of mum and dad with a shared equity program for 1,000 homes.

“For years Queensland has been lagging at the bottom of the home ownership ladder, but by securing our housing foundations, we will lift Queensland to the top of this ladder within a decade.

“We will also unlock the homes needed for our growing State, by delivering one million homes by 2044, and a clear plan for where they can sustainably go.

“The LNP’s housing plan will chart a course to building these homes, with new regional plans to cover every corner of this State and by fast-tracking approvals to see these homes built with the infrastructure to protect our lifestyle.

“Under Labor, the great Australian dream of owning your home has become a nightmare and aspiration is nothing more than a pipedream.

“Only the LNP will deliver a big boost into home ownership and break down the barriers to building.”

Mr Crisafulli said the LNP would also deliver short-term relief to renters in the Queensland Housing Crisis, with initiatives designed to ease pressure on renters.

“The LNP will immediately boost rental supply by harnessing untapped rentals, lifting prohibitive restrictions on first home buyer grant recipients which prevent them from renting rooms in their homes,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“Young buyers shouldn’t be penalised for home ownership and renters shouldn’t be shut out of the market, which is why the LNP will open the door.

“Queensland has the lowest vacancy rates in the nation, but the LNP’s plan will immediately add to rental supply, while we unlock the homes for Queensland’s future and deliver long-term rental relief.”

Mr Crisafulli said the LNP would also unleash the community housing sector to deliver homes for Queenslanders languishing on Labor’s social housing waitlist, while shifting the focus of social housing to new builds.

“The LNP will deliver Homes with Purpose, unlocking unused charity and church-owned land for social and community housing for our most vulnerable Queenslanders,” he said.

Homes with Purpose will deliver up to 500 homes within the first two-years, expanding to a potential 10,000 homes by 2044, by lifting restrictions on land that would never have been developed due to its ownership.

“The LNP will also bring accountability and transparency back to social housing delivery, with clear KPIs, and direct every dollar of the $2 billion Housing Investment Fund into building new homes.

“Only by harnessing the power of our community housing sector and delivering social housing on-time and on-budget, will we be able to finally end Labor’s downward spiral of false hope and broken housing promises.

“Only the LNP has the Right Priorities for Queensland’s Future, including securing our housing foundations.”

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